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DSI Comedy Theater has become an exciting venue for standup comedy over the past two years. We have run a successful monthly showcase for local and traveling comics; DSI has presented Louis CK at the Cat's Cradle; DSI has run events for the Dirt Poor Comedy Tour and we're set to host the Regional Competition for the Rooftop Comedy College Standup competition coming up next month.

But now, it's time to step it up. So how about $1000!

DSI has organized a competition to determine "Carolina's Funniest Comic." 32 comedians are able to register and compete for up to $1000 cash and prizes. There are 5 weeks of comedy competition scheduled for a single elimination tournament judged by the audience.

Friday May 16 - 16 comics get 5 minutes
Friday May 23 - 16 comics get 5 minutes
** 8 comics (4 from each) move to May 30
** 8 comics (4 from each) move to June 6

Friday May 30 - 8 comics get 10 minutes
Friday June 6 - 8 comics get 10 minutes
** 4 comics move to June 13

Friday June 13 - 4 comics get 15 minutes
** First place wins $800
** Second place wins $200
** Third and Fourth get prizes

Comics can start to register this week by sending an email to (submit a short description of your experience, any clips you might have online, and a phone number so we can call and confirm details).

IMPORTANT COMIC NOTE - There is a non-refundable $20 fee due at registration. This fee must be received in order to confirm your spot. We're working hard and want to present local comics who take comedy seriously. Ready... Let's do it.

Fridays At 7:30PM
May 16 - June 13
$12, $10 for Students

North Carolina, get ready to Laugh out Loud ALL night long. Each week after this special Standup Comedy event , audiences are invited to stay for the 9:30PM MISTER DIPLOMAT show for half-price.

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