Air Guitar championship.

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"To err is Human. To Air Guitar, DIVINE."
- Bjorn Turoque, Perennial 2nd Place Air Guitarist

DSI has started to accept submissions for the 2008 Troy Sterling Air Guitar Madness. CageMatch fans know that Billionaire Troy Sterling doesn't do things half-way. His Air Guitar contest has taken over the entire month of April, Saturdays at 930PM. Local AIR rockstars are preparing to compete during the BEST SHOW EVER. Are you brave or crazy enough to be one of them? Top 2 Troy Sterling Air Guitar Madness Champions WILL receive cash and prizes.

Saturdays, 930PM - BEST SHOW EVER
APRIL 05: Troy Sterling Air Guitar - Prank Edition
APRIL 12: Troy Sterling Air Guitar - IRS Edition
APRIL 19: Troy Sterling Air Guitar - Mary Jane Edition
APRIL 26: Troy Sterling Air Guitar - FINAL COUNTDOWN

1. Your Real Name
2. Your Air Guitar Name
3. Availability - Date conflicts
4. Age
5. Why you would make a great Air Guitar Champion!

** Slots available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Troy expects to schedule up to 18 potential champs over the 3 weeks of regular competition. 16 could have their hearts torn apart. 2 champs WILL walk away with cash and prizes. Each week will consist of two rounds, a freestyle and compulsory round. You must submit 1 minute of music for your freestyle round 48 hours prior to your performance. With winning and losing based largely on audience reaction, definitely invite ALL your friends to be a cheering section of devoted fans! Costumes and wild bits are encouraged.

Some rules for the performance:
1. Each performance gets one 60-second song (songs may be edited)
2. Performance starts when the song does, but there may be a short introductory segment
** tuning the air guitar, squabbling with air roadies, etc.
3. Only one performer may be on stage during the song. You may have a roadie or hype man, but they must leave the stage when the song starts.
4. Air Guitar only! While costumes and cool moves are the soul of the contest, you may not have any guitar-related props.

Check out the Air Guitar Nation promo.

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