March Madness comedy.

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Whether or not you fully understand the power of Tyler Hansbrough or MARCH MADNESS (and if you're checking the internet from a computer inside the Triangle, you should!), everyone could do to Laugh out Loud, especially during the impending NCAA Basketball outbreak. Check out hilarious standup comedy, improv competitions with ComedySportz, and other sketch and improv comedy shows from Dirty South.

Thursdays, 8PM
MARCH 6: Standup Comedy
MARCH 13: Private - Sold Out
MARCH 20: Harold Night
MARCH 27: Private - Sold Out

Fridays, 830 / 930PM - MISTER DIPLOMAT
MARCH 7: Jon Shain plays at 830
MARCH 14: Comedy starts at 930
MARCH 21: Comedy starts at 930
MARCH 28: Comedy starts at 930

Saturdays, 730PM - ComedySportz
** every week a new team takes on the Carr Mill Mallrats

Saturdays, 930PM - BEST SHOW EVER
MARCH 8: Elaine and special guests.
MARCH 15: St Patrick's Wake.
MARCH 22: AL PACINO Pictionary and Improv Mix Tape.
MARCH 29: DSI Witness News.

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