Improv for Team Building & Corporate Development

Get out of the classroom and play so that you can communicate and collaborate effectively in the workplace.

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DSI Comedy wants to help your organization.

Key comedy techniques help business people think on their feet, create new ideas effortlessly, actively listen to others, and work productively as leaders and team players. Our improv workshops will help you learn to read any audience; DSI helps you develop professional flexibility, making it easier for you to accomodate clients, customers, satisfy management, support peers, and manage conflicts in the workplace.

For over a decade DSI has offered workshops to organizations all over the country — Are you ready to PLAY?


  • Creative Problem Solving —
  • Developing Trust in Professional Relationships —
  • Verbal and Nonverbal Communication —
  • Using Humor for Sales Training and Execution —


Executive Producer and Lead Corporate Trainer Zach Ward has consulted on international projects for Procter&Gamble, Comcast, Motorola and has provided talent for events all across the country. DSI provides a turn-key solution for your creative pitch, interactive performances, workshops and multi-media presentations.

Terry, Manager, Industrial Fabrication: "I saw my team in a completely new light. This was a great conduit to improve listening and critical thinking skills. So much fun— I wish the session was longer."

Marissa, Sales Director, Insurance: "Zach offers communication skills that, when regularly put into practice, can become game-changing sales tools. Zach's enthusiasm broke down the hesitation in our sales force immediately. His knowledge of sales kept people completely engaged, which never happens."

Laurie, Speaker, HR Consultant: "Zach exceeded my expectations. I learned more from his DSI coaching sessions than I've ever learned from any other communications professional. Zach offered tips and tricks to improve my delivery style, but he was also an astute business professional who was able to review the content of my presentation and offer important and constructive feedback. I highly recommend Zach to corporate clients."

Erik, Director, Robotics and Manufacturing: "As a speaker for a national sales conference Zach was able to provide exactly what our team needed— We would absolutely have him back."

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