"Do I Have to Start in Level 1?"

The one question we are asked the most at the DSI Comedy Training Center is, "Do I have to start in Level 1?" This question typically comes from people who have existing training in improv or have taken some acting classes that involved improvisation.

The first thing we want you to understand is that, yes, our Level 1 class is designed to teach people with zero improv experience how to improvise and how to improvise well; however, it has also been designed with experienced improvisers in mind who are coming to our training center to hone and enrich their existing training and to learn how to perform team-based improvisation.

Starting in Level 1 is not about starting over; it's about providing yourself with a greater set of tools for you to take with you onstage for use in your scenework and to eventually perform the best show possible with your Harold team or with ComedySportz®. There are specific techniques that we teach starting on Day 1 of Level 1 that are vital to the presentation of team-based improvisation. After a certain stage, you will start to perform at a higher caliber and you might even start to think about Improv Inside the Matrix, but you need to be able to understand why and how to do that before attempting to.

While experienced improvisers will definitely have an advantage over students who are new to improv, there are a number of reasons why we want everyone to start in Level 1.

A Different Approach

One reason is that you will be learning a completely different style of improvisation, an approach that may be strikingly different from the way improv has historically been taught outside of Chicago and New York.

Further Questions

If you have further questions regarding our policy on this issue, feel free to call us at 919-338-8150 or email me directly.

Zach Ward | Executive Producer