IMPROV 601: Harold, Advanced Study

All classes are 3 hours in length, unless otherwise noted. Our workshops are designed for adults and recommended for persons 18 or older, however, some exceptions may be made.

Complete Course Description

Expand your vocabulary of longform technique as taught and performed in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles. Fully understand the options for 2nd beats beyond game, the use of tag outs & walk-ons, edits (sweeps, transformations, swinging doors) for function and art, scene painting and more to heighten and clarify your work in Harold.

Learn "The Spread" to go deeper into the world of the characters you create so you can make more powerful connections between your scenes and within Harold.

STUDENTS ARE ABLE TO REGISTER FOR 601 ONLY WITH PERMISSION FROM COMEDY SCHEDULE DIRECTOR. Email with questions. This IMPROV 601 runs 6 weeks for 2 hours, 7-9pm.

Pre-requisite: IMPROV 501.