IMPROV 401: Longform Scenework

All classes are 3 hours in length, unless otherwise noted. Our workshops are designed for adults and recommended for persons 18 or older, however, some exceptions may be made.

Complete Course Description

This advanced scene study class will focus on successful 2-person improvised scenes. Longform Scenework students will be directed to use character and relationship skills (IM201) to add nuance and depth to the game of the scene (IM301).

The goal of this class will be to develop the improviser as actor with a solid scenic improv foundation, to set them up to succeed in pursuit of Harold (IM501).

This new class in the DSI Comedy School curriculum will now be a pre-req for Harold classes, effective Feb. 2016. Email if you have any questions. This class runs 2 1/2 hours per week for 6 weeks.

Pre-requisite: IMPROV 301.