Freestyle rapping + beatboxing + improv = Minds Blown

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IMPROV: Freestyle rapping + beatboxing + improv = Minds Blown

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Start Date:Saturday, August 9, 2014 @ 11:00 am

Have you always wanted to learn to freestyle rap and beatbox but always felt embarrassed to try? Or maybe you've always wanted to learn how to beatbox? Or perhaps you have gotten pimped into rapping in an improv scene and froze? Or perhaps you have seen a North Coast show and wonder how we do what we do? No matter what your reason may be, come to this workshop and we will teach you how to spit with the best of them, beatbox like a champion, and how to weave it all together with the fun and "rules" of improv.

At a core level improv and hip-hop go hand in hand. Whether you are dropping a beat into a mic or initiating an improv scene, the same principles apply... you need confidence, you have to listen, and you have to react. The workshops will be team-taught by members of North Coast.

Come to this workshop and you will leave:

1. feeling more confident in your rapping skills
2. knowing the basic fundamentals of beatboxing. the difference between want and game (fun, interesting, repeatable patterns)
3. how to get from a scene into a rap.
4. having a better understanding of what a longform improv show incorporating rap and beatboxing looks like.

This workshop is two and half hours.

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Class Dates and Times*

Sat, Aug 09, 2014 11:00 am DSI Comedy Theater

* All classes are 3 hours long unless otherwise noted above.

Instructor: North Coast

North Coast

KAILA MULLADY is a New York based performer. A top 8 ranked beatboxer and two time, reigning Beatrhyme Champion. Kaila performs all over NYC and the country infusing beatboxing, singing, rapping, poetry and theater to push the boundaries of creativity and show just what the human instrument is capable of. Multi- instrumentalist, using a RC 300 she is able to loop guitar, beatboxing and vocals to become a one woman band. Performing with NYC’s premier freestyle comedy rap group NORTH COAST incorporating improv comedy and hip hop. Host and interviewer of The Beetbox, a beatboxing based podcast. Teaching workshops all across the country promoting reading, writing and finding your own soul music giving back communities and volunteering is a big part of Kaila’s creative process.

JAMES ROBILOTTA started performing improv and stand-up comedy in 2004. Originally from Sayville, NY, James started consistently performing improv while at graduate school with Clemson University’s troupe “Mock Turtle Soup”. Since moving back to New York in 2007 he has studied at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre and the Magnet Theater under Will Hines, Chris Gethard, Charlie Todd, Zach Woods, Eric Tanouye, Rebecca Drysdale, Armando Diaz, Charlie Sanders, Michael Delaney, John Lutz, Matt Walsh, Ian Roberts, Gavin Speiller, Billy Merritt, Curtis Gwinn, Michael Martin, and Eliza Skinner. James is the founder of the freestyle-rapping, beatboxing, always fresh, long-form team “North Coast”. When he is not holding it down with North Coast, he can be seen performing improv regularly throughout New York City on “Veal”, “Extreme Chain”, “Space Camp”, and “#Klepper”. Outside of improv James can be found impacting the lives high school and college students around the country as a Professional Leadership Speaker. Check out his website:

DOUGLAS WIDICK is a member of Hip Hop Improv group North Coast. You can catch him performing around NYC with many other musical improv, improv, and sketch groups as well. He is a member of house musical improv teams at the Magnet and PIT Theaters, and just finished sketch shows with Pop Roulette (PIT) and the 2017 Tony Awards (UCB). He was recently seen in off-broadway musical F#%king Up Everything, and you can catch his comedy videos on

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Rajeev Rajendran at 7:44am, October 13, 2009
Improv 101 is neither particle nor wave but has qualities of both.