Comedy Training in North Carolina

DSI helps you develop your own personal sense of humor.

Our Approach

By teaching the fundamental and advanced skills of improv comedy, we make it easier for you to engage in the scene and relationships on stage. DSI does not encourage you to be a "funny" person. As the art of improvisation becomes easier, and your own sense of humor becomes more developed, you will create more honest and truthful work, your confidence and comfort level on stage will increase, and comedy will be the inevitable (and hilarious) by-product.

Our instructors tailor feedback to each individual student so mixed experience levels are never an issue. Perfect for veteran improvisers, aspiring actors and Average Johns and Susans like yourself venturing into the world of improv comedy as a break from the weekly routine; as an escape from the "real" world.

DSI uses improv training techniques that accelerate the student's growth in ways other places don't. While the quick gags of other improv clubs may evoke laughter from an audience, we believe dedication to both the fundamental skills upon which quality improvisation is based, and the presentational nature of the artform, can create an incredibly personal experience that will inspire awe as well as laughter.

DSI improv class


Agents, producers and casting directors know that improv workshops enrich the actor's instincts, focus and openness to events in a scene that make direction easier. Actors with improv training are typically more relaxed and confident in auditions, on set and onstage because they have the ability to create whole scenes and entertain audiences without advanced preparation. Studying with a company that specializes in the art of longform scenic improvisation is a stand-out credential on any actor's resume.

It belongs on yours.

Business People

You won't survive the business world unless you are able to communicate and collaborate in the workplace. Key improvisation techniques help business people to think on their feet, creating new ideas effortlessly, actively listening to others, and working productively inside team environments. Workshops will help you learn to read any audience and will heighten your professional flexibility, making it easier for you to accomodate clients, customers and manage conflicts in the workplace. You will make more money.

And that's... The Bottom Line!


Enhance your classes using humor while making more personal connections with your students. Teachers can adapt improv techniques from classes for exisiting educational programs; help students learn important skills like listening, physical and verbal communication, team building, brainstorming, vocabulary development, self-confidence, and social empathy. DSI instructors have taught Comedy Camps (age 6-18), directed High School Forensics and coached Odyssey of the Mind.

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