Yes We Can Food Drive

DSI Comedy wants your help.

Our friends are feeling the crunch of the economy. All of them. And we want to help. We thought about it and realized the best way to help the most people was to just help our friends at the IFC Food Pantry continue to support the growing number of over 2100 local households that depend on the Pantry.

So we need to stock the shelves.


  • Baking supplies — flour, sugar, cooking oil, biscuit mix and corn meal
  • Boxed/packaged foods potatoes
  • Canned meat — beef stew, chicken and dumpling, Spam or Treat
  • Can fish-tuna, salmon, mackerel
  • Pasta — macaroni and cheese, spaghetti noodles, Romaine Noodles, Chef Boyardee
  • Pasta Sauce — Traditional, Meat, Four Cheese, Garlic
  • Can vegetables — corn, string beans, greens
  • Can soups — chicken, vegetable
  • Can beans — pork and beans, baked, black-eye peas
  • Cereal — boxed corn flakes, cheerios, oatmeal, grits
  • Can fruit — peaches, fruit cocktail
  • Juice — apple, cranberry, grape, orange
  • Rice/Mash Potato Flakes
  • Can Milk/powdered milk

Items in bold are the essential items needed at all times by crisis intervention volunteers.

Here's How we Help You Help us.

DSI Comedy Theater proudly acts as an official donation center for the IFC Food Pantry. During the year we may run special promotions and ticket discounts based on donations (check Facebook for updates), but you can donate essential food items at any time. Yes, You Can! But we only accept AWESOME items, ie: not the old can of lima beans that you didn't want anyway. Eww. You can bring lima beans, but you might be judged ;)

Thanks for your help.

Zach Ward and the DSI Family